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AFT Micromécanique is committed to biodiversity with the installation of beehives.

May 22nd, 2023
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AFT Micromécanique, a company committed to the protection of the environment, has recently taken an important step in its efforts to promote biodiversity. By installing three beehives on its site in Fillinges, the company has welcomed no less than 135,000 bees, which contribute not only to the production of honey, but also to the pollination of nearly 2 billion flowers each year. As part of the International Day for Biological Diversity, AFT Micromécanique wishes to highlight its actions in favor of biodiversity and to make its employees and their families aware of the importance of bees.

The essential role of bees:

Bees play a crucial role in the preservation of biodiversity and the survival of many plant species. Through their pollination activity, they enable the reproduction of flowering plants, promote the formation of fruit and seeds, and thus participate in the reproduction of ecosystems. Bees are also responsible for the production of honey, a valuable natural resource with multiple benefits.

AFT Micromécanique’s hives:

The three hives installed by AFT Micromécanique each house approximately 45,000 bees, for a total population of 135,000 bees on the company’s site. Each year, these hives will allow the harvest of 50 kg of honey per hive, for a total of 150 kg of tasty, quality honey. To ensure the health and well-being of the bees, a professional beekeeper is responsible for the regular monitoring and maintenance of the hives.

Creating a favorable environment:

AFT Micromechanique has also taken steps to provide bees with a pleasant working environment. A flourishing meadow will be laid out around the hives, providing the bees with an abundance of flowers to forage. This initiative not only contributes to the health of the bees, but also adds a touch of natural beauty to the company’s working environment.

Awareness workshops for employees:

Aware of the importance of educating its employees about the preservation of biodiversity, AFT Micromécanique plans to organize workshops to raise awareness and explain how a beehive works. These workshops, which will take place in small groups around the hives and in a secure environment, will allow participants to better understand the crucial role of bees in the ecosystem and to discover the wonders of life in a hive.

Involving children:

In addition to raising awareness among employees, AFT Micromécanique also wants to educate younger children about the importance of bees and pollination. Using the company’s online infrastructure, workshops will be offered to employees’ children. These educational initiatives will offer children a unique opportunity to learn about biodiversity, bees and the need to protect our environment.

By installing beehives on its site and offering awareness workshops to its employees and their children, AFT Micromécanique demonstrates its commitment to biodiversity. The company actively contributes to the preservation of bees, the pollination of flowers and the production of honey. These concrete actions aim to encourage environmental responsibility and raise awareness of the importance of protecting our precious ecosystem.


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